Mobility and Sensory Gardens

Care Centres and Schools

With all our garden creations, every style is designed for and influenced by the client. This is particularly important when designing mobility and sensory gardens.

We are fortunate to have worked with many care centres and schools across South Wales to create interactive and responsive gardens for a variety of clients including Scope.

Our Sensory Garden designs evoke emotions and learning experiences which is particularly appealing to children of all abilities and their families. To help with mobility we create wider pathways so that people can walk alongside wheelchair users rather than behind.

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Sensory Gardens

We are award winning garden designers

When designing and constructing a sensory garden we like to add texture, light, colours and sounds that our clients can enjoy throughout the year. We have included the following features in our sensory gardens but we are open to new suggestions and always strive to find new ways of making open spaces interactive and enjoyable.

  • Proximity Sensor Water Features, Lighting and Sounds (Frog and bird sounds, wind chimes)
  • Fragrant / Edible Planting
  • Coloured and shaped pathways with lighting
  • Colourful entrance tunnels (colour changes throughout times of the day)
  • Pathways with rumble strips for wheelchair users
  • Large footprints embedded into pathways
  • Sunken fish ponds (with safety features)
  • Bamboo walkways for dappled shade and rustling sounds
  • Mirror walls
  • Flags and pennants
  • Textured walls
  • Timed lighting
  • Raised beds with safe tactile planting
  • Extra wide pathways for people to walk alongside wheelchair users
  • Access ramps (To Government Specifications)
  • Seating and gathering areas for all abilities

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Family Gardens

Children & Families

We offer gardens for families as a service as we have noticed a growing interest in play areas for children that are safe and fun to use. Either as an entire garden space or an allocated area where children can play, we can build these to your specific requirements.

Child safety is paramount in our designs and we take care to make sure that this is used in all our builds. We will avoid the use of toxic or irritant plants, smooth and soften all edges and introduce safety guards or rails where necessary. We will even lower steps for little feet and legs to climb safely and easily.

As with all our designs we make sure that any play areas are complimentary to your existing garden but are still fun and safe to use.

Regular requested features include: Play Houses, Swings, Multi-level Timber Platforms and Sand Pits.

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