Water Features, Walls, Buildings, Entrances, Stairs, Follies and Ruins

With over 47 years specialist experience in stonework we are able to build, extend and repair stone structures in a large variety of stone material including traditional lime mortar. We can source and supply many different types of stone ranging from Limestone, Travertine, Perbeck, Granite and much more in different colours and finishes. No matter what the material, age, or bond type, we can source, supply and build with it.

We can match existing stonework in buildings or walls or create new modern designs. Whether it’s a dividing wall, an archway, or even a folly to disguise an oil or gas tank, we can build to compliment your property.

Below is a gallery of how we created an ornamental yet functional stonework front garden with stone steps and flower beds. The working progress is shown from a photographed survey, sketch, computer design plan and build.

Crumbling garden steps before Evergreen Wales changed the style and design.
Garden sketch showing initial design of steps and soft landscaping areas before being designed in CAD. Design by Evergreen Wales.
Stonework steps shown in CAD for client presentation. Designed by Evergreen Wales
Stonework steps leading to property door. Completed design and build by Evergreen Wales.
Stonework design and build of steps and soft landscaped beds in-between - side view. Designed and built by Evergreen Wales.

Discover some of our other stonework projects below

Discover our natural stone paving styles, follies, ornamental gateways and steps that were all hand-built with specific styles in mind. We always build to be sympathetic to the clients’ existing gardens and buildings while staying functional and strong for years to come.

If you have a particular stone material in mind for your project, we can adapt to your needs or make suggestions if you are not sure on the style you want to create. We are experts in stonework with many years of experience with this natural material and will help you visualise your project ideas. You can see some of our stonework projects in the gallery below or on Instagram for our current live projects.

Patio survey, design and construction built in Cardiff by Evergreen Wales
Disguise an oil tank in a garden with a stonework folly with archways and doors. Designed and built by Evergreen Wales.
Curved stonework wall with seating area and soft landscaped planting designed by Evergreen Wales
Stonework and leaf flower gate archway designed and built by Evergreen Wales
Stonework steps designed and built by Evergreen Wales
Stonework archway with windows and timber door with stonework ground and water feature - designed by Evergreen Wales

Looking to add stonework to your garden?