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Evergreen Wales - Cym Caerdydd - RHS Cardiff 2018

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To explain the name Cwm Caerdydd, in welsh, the word Cwm means a valley or area of land that was formed, often rounded, by the movement of a glacier, and Ceardydd simply means Cardiff.

It is thought that the South Wales valleys were formed by glaciers slowly grinding their way towards the sea millions of years ago, leaving behind the distinctive valley shape that is so obvious today.

Our Cwm Caerdydd garden is designed as a space to relax and enjoy some family time after the stresses and strains of a day in modern life. We wanted to focus on the way that the user feels whilst interacting with this garden not just what they see, smell, touch and hear.

In order to accomplish this we have designed this space to echo the natural terrain that surrounds us here in South Wales. Whether you enjoy mountain biking, climbing, hiking or simply driving through Wales, you will be familiar with the elements within our garden. Hopefully the garden users will instinctively recognise these elements, and as a result, feel relaxed and calmed.

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RHS Award Winning Designs

Initial garden sketch and design by Evergreen Wales - Landscapers in garden design in South Wales
RHS Award Winning Garden | Sketch for 2018 by Evergreen Wales landscapers
RHS Evergreen Wales Award Winning Garden Rendering Design

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A Crafted Touch

With elements included in the garden such as the “Cwm” seating area, Cave hideaway, Woodland area and Waterfall section we are aiming to achieve the illusion that this Cwm Caerdydd display has erupted from the ground overnight and just happens to have appeared in the centre of the Cardiff show.

Whilst aiming to replicate nature, we also need to find balance within the design and ensure that the garden doesn’t look too wild and unkempt, after all the primary use for the space is as a family garden.

To ensure this “crafted touch” is included we have incorporated a drystone wall and table area, crushed stone pathway and sculpted Cwm seating area that will hopefully work in unity with the more natural structures as the Cave Hide away and waterfall section.

We hope to deliver a garden that can be enjoyed by both children and adults, with activities such as reading in the cave hide away, or eating at the table and relaxing, to simply walking around the woodland area. What’s more, if the sun is in the right place and you’re viewing the garden at the right time, you may even see a glimpse of a Welsh rainbow!

Cwm Caerdydd won the Silver Medal at RHS Cardiff in 2018

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