Soft Landscaping

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Good use of soft landcaping can transform a good garden into something rather special. At Evergreen Wales we believe in giving you the best quality gardens that we can and we don’t cut corners on quality, even down to our specially selected turf.


We only buy turf from a supplier who grows, feeds and protects the grass for a minimum of 12 months to guarantee a very well established root system which helps the turf to settle very quickly once laid.

The variety that we use is called Dwarf Rye (Lolium Perenne) which is chosen for its robust structure and pleasing wide blade. We use the same supplier for our grass as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff which we think is the perfect test for any lawn!

We are more than happy to recommend plants to compliment your existing garden or help you with a preferred theme. From turfing to planting we can supply you with the perfect garden essentials.

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Ponds and Water Features

PondsOur water features and ponds are always unique designs that are created to suit the particular site and overall project. Each one is build by hand using natural stone and lined with an extremely tough liner that is almost impossible to puncture.

When creating a pond or water feature it is important that it sits in the garden without looking artificial, which is why we never use preformed plastic structures or liners. An impressive water feature that has been designed and built with care is often the perfect focal point for a naturally styled garden.

We can also plumb your ponds and water features and add safety features if requested.

Water feature by boat house gate
Rockery Planting Garden Bed


Planted rocky outcrops often act as great structural backbones to a larger landscaping project with sympathetic planting schemes.

Rockeries can be utilised to great effect in smaller gardens, especially where slopes or awkward areas are concerned. By their very nature rockeries are always unique and tailored to suit the individual design.

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