Soft Landscaping

Trees, Turfing, Planting, Rockeries...

At EvergreenWales, we know that the right use of soft landscaping can elevate a good garden to something truly exceptional. We are committed to providing you with the highest quality gardens possible and we never compromise on quality – not even when it comes to our carefully chosen turf.


A lush green lawn

We only source our soft landscaping turf from a supplier who meticulously grows, feeds, and protects the grass for a minimum of 12 months. This ensures a well-established root system, allowing the turf to settle quickly once laid. Our preferred variety, Dwarf Rye (Lolium Perenne), boasts a robust structure and a wide blade, making it the perfect choice for any lawn. In fact, we use the same supplier as the Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, a true testament to the quality of our grass.

Whether you are green-fingered or not, we pride ourselves on our horticultural knowledge so we can recommend plants that will complement your existing garden or help you achieve your preferred theme. Whether you need turfing or planting services, we have the perfect garden essentials to meet your needs.

Trust us to provide you with the best possible solutions for your garden.

Soft landscaping with new lawns and stonework features with ornamental birds designed and built by Evergreen Wales
Large turfing and lawn in South Wales by Evergreen Wales
New patio, fresh turf lawn and seating area with stone shingle and a stonework wall designed and built by Evergreen Wales in Penarth

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Ponds and Water Features


Our water features and ponds are unparalleled in their uniqueness, as each design is tailored to the specific site and project. We take pride in constructing each one by hand, using only natural stone and an incredibly durable liner that is virtually indestructible.

We understand the importance of creating a pond or water feature that blends seamlessly into its surroundings, which is why we never resort to pre-formed plastic structures or liners. A well-crafted water feature can serve as the ideal centerpiece for a naturally styled garden. In addition to our exceptional design and construction services, we also offer plumbing and safety features upon request.

Trust us to bring your vision to life with our expertise and attention to detail.

Water feature with pond and outdoor lighting with a freshly laid lawn with high quality turf
Bowl shaped water feature on stones for garden design feature, created and built by Evergreen Wales in Pentyrch
Water features designed and built by Evergreen Wales using natural stone and slabs



Rocky outcrops make excellent structural backbones for larger landscaping projects when paired with complementary planting schemes.

In smaller gardens, rockeries can be utilised to great effect, particularly in areas with slopes or other challenging terrain.

Each rockery is inherently unique and can be customised to perfectly suit the individual design.


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